Subway Surfers Hack and Cheats!

The best tips and tricks to the game Subway Surfers. Read our guide and will be better player!
subway surfers hack

Subway Surfers Hack and Cheats

Let’s start from what in general is Subway Surfers. This is another representative of the recently very popular genre of mobile games, which is the endless runner.

The game takes place in graffiti minors who were caught on doing graffiti on railway wagons. However, at this time we were caught by a policeman with his dog, who begin to chase us. Of course, in the game there are several so-called Subway Surfers Hack which today I would like to write a little.

Subway Surfers Hack

What is it anyway? It is a set of guidelines, so that your game Subway Surfers will be much more effective, and you will achieved better results. Perhaps you find that this is not possible. However, it is okay to try. First of all I would like to point out that Subway Surfers Hack is a lot of obviousness, but many of you to them does not apply, and then complain that something was wrong. Let’s start then.

  1. Collect as many coins as you can – to the game to achieve the best possible result, we need to collect coins because it depends on them. A good strategy is to move the middle path, which provides an easy opportunity to jump on the neighboring track.
  2. Do not forget the power-up! – Another very important Subway Surfers Hack. Although this coin collecting is the most important thanks to power-up, you can rake in fantastic bonuses, such as shoes, thanks which will run faster and jump higher. Or a magnet that will attract all the coins encountered. This sometimes it is worth spending a few coins for power-ups.
  3. Hoverboard. Buy it! – It allows us to faster and more shapely navigate the route. We can also choose a special shield that will give us immortality for 30 seconds. Doing good to have some bonuses in the store and use them.
  4. Upgrades! – It is worth spending money on the upgrade. These are special improvements to our equipment, which improves our efficiency. In addition, thanks to this we will be able to quickly recover the money spent. Doing it pays to invest!
  5. Do not spend your coins on consumer items!
  6. Use the key to the game – the game there is an additional currency, which are the keys. They are expensive, but worth it to use them when we have a high score, it helps us to continue the game.
  7. Check the daily challenges and additional missions – is mega easy way for additional coins. They appear we are on the main screen.

That’s all it was Subway Surfers hack! This way you will be able to play better!

subway surfers cheats

Subway Surfers Cheats – how to gain coins?

There are several ways to easily gain coins, just introduce them to you.

  1. To earn, you need to spend – this is the first and probably the most important rule. The investment is the key. Optimize your equipment! More about that in section 3.
  2. Magnet and an extra backpack – the two most important boosters. You should have them as often as possible on. This allows faster you can collect coins, moreover, all the coins in our vicinity will be our prey.
  3. Improvement afterburners – initially they will run only 30 seconds. However, we can extend the operating time by buying one of the 6 levels of upgrades. Each subsequent costs more than the previous one, but all of us will be fixed, and our results are getting better.
  4. Earn Coins in the store – the store you can spend coins, but also earn them. You will find there a list of actions that will do this as we get a certain number of coins.
  5. Facebook – if you combine your game to your Facebook account, you also will get a lot of coins. How do you care, I recommend to do it.
  6. Daily challenge – I wrote about this in the case of Subway Surfers hack. Everything described in section 7.

With all Subway Surfers Cheats, you can easily get a lot of coins. See for yourself. I did!

Subway Surfers Cheats unlimited coins

Do not be fooled by this type of page. On the web there are many websites that offer supposedly free coins in the game. There is no such thing. Subway Surfers Cheats unlimtied coins does not exist and you have to remember it, because otherwise you will be constantly deceived by fraudsters.