Hi, Hello! How are you? I hope everything is ok with you because I want to tell you today about awesome game for your smartphone. This game is… Subway Surfers! Did you ever hear about it? You can play in this game when you have a smartphone with android (Nokia hasn’t android system) or when you have iPhone (iPhone has iOS but it is also ok). You can’t play this game on PC. If you saw in internet Subway Surfers for PC it is a lie.  In this game you can only play by using your smartphone, you can’t play on PC. When will be chance to play on PC I tell you, you can be sure.

So, one again: did you hear ever about Subway Surfers? In my opinion this amazing game for smartphones. It is for free but if you want more life you can buy it by using real money. But this normal in this days. No matter how old are you, no matter how much do you earn and what do you do. This game is for everyone when you want relax. But what you do on this game? It is very easy. You must dash as fast you can trough subway and dodge the oncoming trains. You must escape from the inspector and his dog- he is chase you. This great action game if you like action games.

I was started play this when I was a teenager. Now I’m 21 years old and I still play this game. Yes, this game was released in 2012 year. It was new game for me and for everyone on the world. Subway Surfers I love for graphic and this chill when I play. I can feel like teenager again when I play. I can feel my city and how it was when I was dash from police. Ach, it was great times. Now I have to go work and it sad reality. That way I play Subway Surfers even when in my opinion this game is for children and teenagers. I’m 21 years old and I play. How old are you? Can you tell me? It is important to me to know that older than 10 years old people play this game. You can think that I’m stupid but I have a fondness for this game. Maybe you have one game from your childhood? I think every should play game when give fun… And what is your opininon?