Did you ever play Subway Surfers? I think this is great game but my sister think something different. But from beginning… Last month I was on holidays and I had a lot a of free time. Sometimes I was bored and I was looking for entertainment but I was broke… and I think that I can play game on my smartphone! I have LG with android system and I was looking for some free game to relax. I searched on internet “great game for android” and I found it: Subway Surfers! I think this is really great game. I downloaded it and started play. It was hit for me! Really! From long time I didn’t play so good game on smartphone. I need only full battery on my smartphone and internet. Ok, I’m not sure if I need internet but I have and I think this is very important to have internet on smartphone to play this game. If you think this is not important tell me! This is important to me because I have to pay high bills for this internet and as I mentioned earlier I’m really broke. So, when I have full battery I play all time! This is great relax for me. I can be like surfer on my city and this is amazing! But when  I was on this holidays with my sister (my all family was there) and I told her about this game she told me that I’m stupid when I play game like this. I don’t understand why she told me something like this? She was play this game only once and what? This is stupid game? No! This is very good game in my opinion and everybody should play it. On holidays everybody was looked at me as an alien but… I love this game! I want to be master of this. I don’t mind about opinion on my sister. She is stupid, not me, not this game. I think she hasn’t boyfriend and that’s way she thing that this game is stupid. As I said this game I cool and for everyone with android system (I think every LG smartphone has android system or I’m wrong?) and internet. The best way is spending time in McDonalds because there is free internet- hot spot! You can eat and play Subway Surfers all time! How great it is?