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How to install Steam on Windows?

If we have Windows XP or newer, and want to install platform on computer, we should go to internet shop, that we can downloading installation file. We should looking form mode “Installing Steam”, probably on right corner. On...

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What is Steam Guard?

If you have to more safety in Steam platform, you should interest one of most important – for me – thing in all platform modes. Classic modes is get two things – login and password. It is most important thing in our account....

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How to activate games on Steam?

One of most important question on start playing game on Steam platform is definitely activate every game, which we want to start play. It is not easy, but we want to share our way – how to do it, how it works, how to create more...

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How to create Steam account?

We can register on Steam in two different ways. First is use browser to do it, and second is after run application on computer. Both ways is great, so you will decide, which is better for you. If we use first opportunity, we...

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Steam history

What is Steam? It is great question, if we want to understand how to work one of most popular game platform in world, and how long way must walked. In few words it is digital games distribution platform, which created by Valve....

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