It is very important that your phone was protected. Every day people are being robbed. It should be noted that the environment of the Android operating system is open.
What causes a high risk of detection of global security vulnerabilities.
In this tutorial I will describe the basic methods used to secure Android phone.

Updating the operating system

Be sure to regularly update your operating system. However, before doing the update the backup data. If you have unsupported device, visit XDA.
By installing custom software you prolong your life.

Application update

Manufacturers of mobile applications usually care about safety.
Therefore, be sure to cyclical game updates and utilities.

Installing applications from trusted sources

Never install applications from dangerous places. It is a very easy way to lose money.
Many free applications (which are payable) has viruses. So never install files with strange tip .apk.

Securing access to the phone

Use a method of blocking access to your phone.
Pin code. Password. Sign release. This is a very good method to protect sensitive data.

Encrypted partition data and SD card

Remember that most devices with the latest versions of Android, lets you encrypt your phone.
Thanks to that, the thief should not get into your private files.

Using antivirus software

Install on your phone reputable antivirus program.
Download it only from the main app store for the Android operating system.

Disable USB debugging

If you do not know what it is, it’s nothing you have to do!

To sum up, pay attention to the security of your smartphone. Do not let them rob.
I hope I helped you. Regards!