Studio Kabam create new Marvel’s universum – Marvel Contest of Champions. It is absolutely fantastic game, which can become a superhero like Thor, Spider Man, Capitan America, Iron Man. Game is not very hard, but in middle you can find a lot of systems, which is difficult for starting player. We know that is all. So, we want to create innovation technology – Marvel Contest of Champions Hack, and short guide for all players. We love all series of comics, so we have a lot of information about game. Check Tips for begginers in Marvel!

Marvel Contest of Champions crystals wolverineFirst tip – upgrade heroes!

At the moment, when we start game, usually we have only one star in heroes ranking, who are rapidly becoming obsolete, because of its many weaknesses, so you do not improve their. Marvel Contest of Champions is a game, in which we have a lot of heroes, but, if you want to get all, you must pay really cash… You do not want this. So, if you want to have strong heroes, you must upgrade their all time. The best way is improve on start game.



Marvel Contest of Champions crystal tutorialSecond tip – watch for bonuses class

In some cases, our heroes will receive a bonus class. It all depends on what class is our enemy, which able to compete. It is important thing to fight with enemy, which have class to chance for us to get class bonus.




space stations in marvelThird tip – fight in PvP system

Including this type of fighting system chooses us your opponent and if we win with him we have a good chance to gain crystals. In fight, we should use a lot of champion. Because is a great chance to get more crystals, and easily get a hero with four stars.


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