Do you remember 80. Marvel comics? Contest of Champions is a big tournament, with a lot of champions and hero. Studio Kabam create absolutely new game, which can become a superhero, like Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk or Thor. We have a lot of heroes from all series. We can upgrade their ability, and get another level with our ideas. Every day we can take part in events, fights with other players in Arena PVP, and definitely… beat Collector! Ok, learn some tips for Marvel!

How? Most important thing is…

Control system in game can play in two or three system. Very important thing is a heroes control in fight. Defense is a key, so you will learn to block punches, and hold it on your big toe. At the moment, enemy, who attacking you ask a lot less damage, but asks, and it is worth to highlight here.

Another important thing I evasive, move your finger right and left will allow us to jump out from enemy attacks, and then quickly move to counterattack. Dodge is so important, because our champions do not recover life during the fight, even between fights when we perform tasks. The only way to regain your life is to use special vials, which can regenerate healthy point for our hero.

Want to know more? We wrote about it here!

Especially attacks

“Special” is a special rate click. You will find it at the bottom. It is fills up every time, when we hit a damage to the opponent. It is used to perform special attacks by our champions. You remember, a lot of champions have several of these movements, so you should use to your advantage. It is possibility to get another level our heroes, but it is not only. If you want to be really strong, you should check our application – Marvel Contest Hack.

Marvel Contest of Champions how to play tutorial