If you play in Mobile Strike and whatever you plan to do in this games you have to train troops. Otherwise you will not grow up and play will be not giving pleasure. Below you find our tips how train troops quicker and more efficiently.

Why train troops quicker is so important? Because Mobile Strike is military game and in this game is going about military. It easy, yes? Everything what you do in game must be focused on military. Remember: military is always in first place! If you have to choose what you should make first the answer is: military. Of course is a few other building which help you recruit you army quicker or more stronger but the most important thing is to build you army every day and every night.

  1. You should set to maximize troop training I and troop training II. It will give you about 120% bonus to troop training speed and this is very important. You can also buy a skill reset (it costs 150 000 loyalty points) to switch between training and combat builds.
  2. Training Speed I in the combat tree is very cheap and give you 20% bonus to training speed.
  3. Training Speed II in the commander is a little more complicated than Training Speed I but give you 25% boost to training speed.
  4. The most important thing is… you have to train troops every minute in hour! So, remember: train troops 24/7 because it can give advantage over other players.
  5. Resources are very important but you must remember: if you don’t have enough oil to train Infantry then train Armored Vehicles. If you have low on iron you can train tactical troops. It is very easy: you have to train 24/7!
  6. You have to remember about hospital and you have to have enough beds for all your troops as long way to protecting your army.


I’m sure that you enter this tips in your game you can take advantage over your opponent and you can be head of the state. Than you can brag in front of friend how big and strong army you have in Mobile Strike!