Today I want to tell you about how to boost your home Wi-Fi. I hope it help play games without lags. Wi-Fi and internet are integral part our life. I’m sure you can’t imagine how world can looks without internet, Facebook, Instagram and even without daily weather prognosis. So, I tell you about a few tips how to boost your Wi-Fi (if you have Wi-Fi in your home).Wifi password hacker

  1. Always use latest Wi-Fi technologies. Most important thing is using latest Wi-Fi technologies. Why? Because (maybe you don’t know yet) are many wireless. Is wireless A, B, G. Don’t use it! They are very slow. If you have possibility use only wireless N. If you have old rooter you can’t use wireless N.
  2. Find a perfect place for your router. It could be funny but wright place is very important. Rooter should be in the open space without walls and obstructions. It gives you better signal without doing anything.
  3. Find a right wireless channel. If you have a neighbors you must check if your rooter work in this same channel as your neighbors. Perfect when your rooter work on his own channel without sharing it with others.
  4. Increase your Wi-Fi range with tricks. When your signal is not good and your rooter won’t reach far enough you can use cooking strainer to extend your rooter range.
  5. Set you router to reboot on a schedule or you can reboot it manually. Reboot router is very important because sometimes can be some mistakes on your rooter an rebooting rooter reset it. Perfect is when you will reboot your router daily.

I hope that this few tips help you reach better signal for and you will be happy with your Wi-Fi connections and you don’t need search Wifi password hacker in Internet J