I’m sure you have your own e-mail. Having e-mail is today like a 20 years ago post mail. We use more e-mails then old fashion mail. When do you send postcard? Do you remember? I do not. I am only use e-mails but I know that real postcards are better because I can touch them. I can thinking about where they were, who touch them too.  It is important to me when someone sent me a real postcard. I know that he thing about this same: show me where he/she was and show me a little part or his holidays. Sometimes when I am on holidays I send a postcards because it is nice and costs are small.

Todays you can find a many providers where you can open account with e-mail. Unfortunately many of names are busy. When your name is Mary Snow probably you can not set up e-mail  like [email protected] because will be busy. You probably can set up [email protected] but who want this? It is hard to remember and you can many times write something wrong. You have to search another domain when you can register e-mail with name how you want or you can set up e-mail with nickname like [email protected] . The second way is easier but you must remember how you will use you e-mail. If it should be only to surf on internet and contact with your friends e-mail like [email protected] will be ok, but if you want send your CV to potential employer it will be unprofessional. If you don’t have a e-mail with your real name I suggest create it. It is important when you are searching a job or you want contact with some offices.

Many of peoples create an account on Gmail. In my opinion Gmail is one of the best e-mail service provider because is it easy to use, your e-mail end on @gmail.com (is international) and you can create with them account on Google +! Without e-mail on Gmail you can not create a Google+, so everyone should have e-mail on Gmail. But you must remembers this is my opinion, you can have a different opinion. Next time I tell you why Gmail is great because I think Gmail is the best.