If you have to more safety in Steam platform, you should interest one of most important – for me – thing in all platform modes. Classic modes is get two things – login and password. It is most important thing in our account. With that, we can use all possibilities from library (almost 4500 titles!). However this information can stole by hackers. Valve have a lot of information about that, and want to get more safety for all players. So, in 2011 create new defend system – Steam Guard. It is completely new thing in whole game’s world.

How to works?

If we first login from computer, which we do not use before, Steam will want to get special profile code, which we get before on e-mail address. If we login from public place, we can choose mode with forgotten all process. It is great way to safe all Steam accounts.

Steam Guard goes into action in case your computer is not recognized by Steam. It can happen also in our previous machine, if – for example – reinstall system or virus remove us some files. Steam Guard – after entering our credit – sends additional code assigned to your profile e-mail. We should be noted it in the window, that opens on the screen. Remember – sometimes it happens that the code comes late, so you should wait a while before we use the option, so you can get information like “I have not received the code”. In second way, we make contact with the support Steam – which involves additional expected. This code can come to us for few hours. If you do not get this, you should check your spam folder. To avoid this mistake, we add two addresses to Steam support to a trusted list of e-mail account. So, Steam Guard is so easy technology, but it is definitely basic to safety playing games on platform.

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