Hello my friends! I want told you about… WhatsApp and how this simple Messenger change my life. I hate using Facebook. Why? Because there are stupid people who just want to see what else they have and what they do. They are not interested happening in the world just what a colleague bought a new, or where she was on vacation. It is very sad and that is why I do not like to watch what people do on Fecebook. It is all very funny to see how people want only money and nothing else do not interesting but not the point in life. At least not in mine. That’s why I do not use Messenger, only WhatsApp. I do not want to take part in all this.

I think that people have with each other is not talking. What do you think? It is very sad and I do not know why they do not want to talk. When I was a child I was taught that conversation is the most important. Because you need to talk. That you have to tell the truth. This is what happens in the world is terrible. People just sit in front of computers or phones.

I was last week in a restaurant with the whole family. We talked, we laughed. It was very nice. It was nice to spend time with family elsewhere than at home. I did not expect it would be so quiet in this restaurant. It should be loud because we all talk, right? Unfortunately it was only hear us and maybe two tables. The rest sat with their noses in the phone. Not interested in what their husband / wife / sister / child wants to say. They were interested in only what is happening on Facebook. That’s why I do not use Facebook. Facebook is in my opinion the worst tool which can be these days. People interested in other people rather than themselves. Sad really. That is why I am using WhatsApp because then I have to know someone to be able to write to him. The second issue is that I have to write to him or talk to not just read what he did today cool. Still you want to use Facebook? Does not matter. Just remember that life goes beyond the Internet and Facebook.  Arrange some time with someone using WhatsApp and enjoy life!