Do you know is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a great messenger. You can use it and communicate with your friends for free. You can use WhatsApp on your smartphone or on your computer. You can have iPhone with iOS or you can have any smartphone with android system or windrows phone. You can use it on your Mac or computer with Windows. It is a real messenger and this is big competitor for Facebook Messenger. You ask why I think so if on Messenger I can talk only with my Facebook friends and on WhatsApp I can only talk with contact from my phone. It is true but… Messenger from Facebook allows contact with the contacts from the phone. On WhatsApp you don’t have a list of friends from some portal but you have all friends in your phone. You don’t have to register yourself on some portal etc. Only what you must have is your phone and of course phone number because without it you can’t use WhatsApp.

When you know what WhatsApp is you should try it. I’m sure that you like it so much as I. I contact by using WhatsApp with friends who have my phone number and that’s mean that they are really my friends. Not only Facebook friends because when I have someone mobile number its mean that I know this person personally, not virtually. This is a big advantage over Facebook, don’t you think? Do you prefer contact with who you have contact in real life or you prefer virtually contact with people which who you doesn’t have contact in real life?

Of course you can use Messenger from Facebook and you can use WhatsApp. Nobody says that you can use only one messenger! Some people love Facebook and they want only use Messenger from Facebook but I know people who use both. I’m using both. My sister too. Do you know what is funny? My sister has Messenger and WhatsApp. She has Skype too. Me too but…. We write SMS to each other! We have so many possibilities to contact each other and we use old fashion SMS or MMS… Some people can say that is not normal, but I think nor normal is live one’s life on Facebook. That is my opinion.