Everybody hear about hackers. But where they are? Who are the hackers? In this article, I will describe about this questions.
Hacker is a computer specialist. He must know about CPU architectures and be a professionalism in operating systems and debugging an assembler code in RAM. Or if he is a specialist in exploiting web applications, he must know about TCP/IP or ISO/OSI.
But what is CPU architecture? For example, if you are setup (dot)exe application in Microsoft Windows, to your memory – Windows will load special instructions from this compiled file. This code has directly command to processor. Standard programmer knows high-level code, for example C++, C# or PHP. But hacker working on binary or hex instructions.

And it all began with a Turing machine.

Community of hackers is huge and is divided for three groups:

  • Payable security professionals – They are making banking systems safer or any another application in white-collars.
  • Payable destructors or burglars – They are burgling payable intel information’s or in easy way making DoS or DDoS attack to disable target companies or websites.
  • Anonymous warriors to making our world better.

Only first group you can find with easy ask in Google. But I think the best hackers is like heroes in our corrupt world.

To become a hacker, you need to have science intelligence and thinking like computer. When in your brains you have implemented additional kernel module with live debugging you can be very good in hacking community. But this profession is very difficult and stressful.

If your wife isn’t Linux, you may forget about become a Hacker.