Do you remember times before internet? If answer is yes you must be older than 30 years old. If answer is no, so, we sorry for you because it was beautiful times but internet and Wi-Fi change the world. I don’t want talk to you about history internet and Wi-Fi. If you want you can find it on Wikipedia or ask your teacher in school (if you are going to school yet).  I want to tell you how Wi-Fi change the world. Why? Because internet is an integral part of our life. You have internet at home, in job, in your laptop, in your tablet and your smartphone. Internet and Wi-Fi is everywhere. If you don’t buy internet from your local operator, you can go to free hot spot and connect with internet by using Wi-Fi. It is easy wright?

I don’t know a person without internet. Ok, my grannie but she is almost 90 years old but she knows what internet is. Today when you want play with your friends you ask at what hour and you meet on some communicator to talk. Of course in internet. Before play with friends mean go to yard and play football or doing pranks adults. Now? Now children and youth are using What’s app, Skype, Messenger and many others communicators. If they want what is going on on your friends they go to internet and they start Facebook and they are watching others walls. It is easy but I think it is sad.

How many devices with internet you have? I don’t know. Now everything has possibility to connect with internet via Wi-Fi. You can use Wi-Fi to program you windows on home. You can set how many degrees should be at home when co come back. Don’t believe me? It is possible but you must have internet and devices with Wi-Fi connect.

How often are you on internet? I’m daily. I can’t imagine my life without internet and barely I’m remember my life without WI-FI. Do you remember how it is to use your phone without internet? I think that now internet in phones is standard. It is normal. Nobody think how check weather or TV program. It’s normal in this days. Don’t you think?