How to hack wifi - wifi password hacker

Hack wifi password with wifi hacker!
wifi password hacker

What is WiFi? Surely everyone knows, but because it is meant to be a specific guide it and to describe. Wifi as Wikipedia says it is a colloquial term set of standards designed to build wireless networks. Wi Fi particular application is to build local area network or LAN-based radio communication – WLAN. WLAN Hacken, because it is also called a range of a few meters to several kilometers and bandwidth that reaches 300 Mb/s. All products that can connect to the WiFi have on their enclosure suitable logo WiFi.

How to hack wifi – WiFi Password Hacker

how to hack wifiThere is an increasing public WiFi network, which without a password can be used by anyone. However, usually such a network is connect by many people, and therefore the speed is very low and to loading the one page, we are waiting a really long time, and how well you know nobody likes … However, you must know that these free hotspots use reasonably. You cannot connect with any network because it can be abused or even robbed. So if you already are using free hotspots is to use only the best.

Of course, on the search network, you can see that all around us there are many public networks, which, however, are password protected. About security in Wi-Fi networks later write, that you yourself avoid some basic mistakes and that you may be sure that your network is well secured. However, all this later.

So if WiFi Password Hacker really exist? Of course! To break a secured Wi-Fi network does not hide the fact that you have to know a little bit computers. Of course, many of the network is very poorly protected or their terms are very simple or even left implication as “admin” or “password”. You can always try to enter one of these two options in the password field, and guarantees you that in 10% of cases go without any problem. So, at the mall or other large location you saved. However, what to do in case when these networks in the vicinity is much less. First of all, without the proper equipment will do nothing. So much more I recommend you buy the cheapest package of ordinary Internet 4G LTE and marries you for the better. You must know that to break the WiFi network you have more advanced equipment than a regular phone. In addition, this type of security violation takes place in a specific order to steal any data or other illegal options. I repeat illegal, so the location dissuade you try to take any How to hack wifi or Wifi Password Hacker. There is no such application. The only thing you can try is an application that validates a password. It uses a technique similar to Rar Password Unlocker, it means fits all the words from the dictionary or uses the second method, which is checking random strings. However, it all takes a long time and the password is broken it long ago you will not need to use the network.

However, if you need to break a WiFi network. He does not want to know the reasons, no one will give step by step instructions on how to do it, because it is illegal and can be used for various purposes. But a beginner give some advice. How to hack wifi password? First of all, WiFi Hacker do not use Windows. If you want to play something like that then you should use a Linux system. The best choice would be Kali Linux. This is the only advice that you get from me. Those environment Linux will know what to do, and if you do not know Linux is the first to learn the basics, and only then take up a more advanced things.

Wifi Password Hacker – how to prevent?

wifi hackerIf you do not protect your WiFi network to your neighbors or the people with whom I wrote above eager to benefit from this, and probably no one wants to share your internet. There are several reasons. First of all, you will fall speed, films will be interrupted, the parties long to load, and no one wants that. In addition, your network can be committed a crime for which you will not even know. Not to mention here, of course, that such people can take control of your computer, tablet, TV, everything is connected to a WiFi network. Nevertheless, many people still are not aware of it and talking about the safety of your computer is thinking above all anti-virus software. Everyone always forgets properly secured your Wifi network, which Wifi Unlocker is very easy to do.

Here we wrote about how to protect yourself from tracking your phone.

So what to do to prevent the WiFi Hacker?

Home WiFi network is based primarily on one device, which is a WiFi router. It is a forgotten box, which usually lies somewhere in the vicinity of the computer and blinking LEDs and of course splits signals “the Internet.” However, if the router is properly connected to the network you thought that the installation process is finished you should read through to the end of this article.

There are several ways to properly secure WiFi network. However, I will give you the most basic and simplest tricks. These are things that every computer user can do.

Firstly, as soon as you connect the router to the network must change all default passwords. Of course, as the password is not set your name, birth date or the name of their children … The password should be really very difficult and should have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. In addition, you should choose the connection encryption based on WPA or WPA2. Forget about WEP encryption! All Encryption describe at the end of the article.

Other, more advanced protection Wifi Hacker

wifi hackerThere are of course many other ways. Some more advanced than others. However, in order to further security you can add a fixed IP address to the hardware address (MAC) of each network adapter and reducing the pool of IP addresses allocated to those that have been pre-configured. You should also turn off the broadcast network ID (SSID), so that your network will not be visible in the area. It is also possible to weaken the transmission signal in order to reduce range.

These are the most basic things to keep in mind. Know that WiFi networks are often poorly protected, which can be very easy to break. Therefore, I encourage you to properly secure their computer networks in order to avoid the trouble that may arise from it.

Security systems WiFi network

WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy – This is currently the most widely used standard in the world, but at the same time it is also the weakest standard that can be easily broken. Why, then, it is the most popular when it is most dangerous? First of all, because it occurs in the setting options at the top, and many people installs everything using the “on and on”, so the choice falls on WEP … History WEP dates back to the late 90s, but already in 2001 were the first guides how to break it protection, and in 2005 the same film as the FBI published- how in a few minutes you can wifi hacker … therefore, my advice is one – avoid WEP!

WPA – WiFi Protected Access – it was a response to the weaknesses which are naked WEP. Nevertheless, it was to be an easy update in the form of a software update router. Accordingly, the WPA have to be to some extent compatible with WEP. This security system is much better than the above, but also there are many guides how to break WPA.


WPA2 – WiFi Protected Access 2 – in 2006. The WPA was officially replaced by WPA2, which to this day is considered the best protection from these three today. The main change is to stop using TKIP and the inclusion of a new protocol CCMP. Currently WiFi Password Hacker network having secure WPA2 is very little known and virtually meaningless. Why? Feel free to search the Internet for this purpose 😉